Genuinely natural.
Or nothing.

The power of confidence meets the nourishment of essential oils at Vai.

At the heart of Vai is the belief that natural essential oils can heal. These oils are meticulously selected for their unique nourishing properties. Without any artificial ingredients, the blends work wonders for you. Our range is thoughtfully crafted to protect, nourish, balance and respect your body - the way it is meant to be. The gentle power of nature is harnessed just for you at Vai.

The journey of Vai began with a small range of natural, active and effective products that care for you and your family. Our products don't have any chemicals or preservatives, nurturing your skin's good health. It aspires to present an expansive collection that helps you be you in every way.

Vai is committed to your natural self. Nourishing it. Enhancing it. Flaunting it.

The goodness of nature, for you

Nature has immense power to heal and nurture from within. Vai lets you reconnect with nature and embrace its incredible potential.

The range harnesses the goodness of essential oils to nourish your being. The bespoke cosmetics help you develop a positive bond with your true self to live an inspired life every day. Being preservative-free and chemical-free, the products are 100% organic and authentic in nature.

Founder - Vaishali Deshmukh
The Founder

From me to you and your loved ones

It all started with Vaishali Deshmukh's journey to look for nourishing skin and hair care products that ended at the lap of nature. As she was discovering natural products, she came across the healing power of essential oils. She was amazed to know how beneficial these potent potions could be. So, Vaishali delved deeper to explore more. Armed with sufficient knowledge about the oils, she made a blend just for herself. She was delighted with the experience offered by these fragrant mixes. This inspired her to discover essential oils and craft different products for skin and hair care.

Vai is born out of Vaishali's passion to celebrate and spread the goodness of nature. And to inspire you to be who you truly are. Through Vai, she has ensured that there are zero preservatives, chemicals, or additives in these products, and your skin gets the care that it truly deserves.